Certification Support

Based on our previous experience with all phases of the certification process and current activities as the CVE (Certification Verification Engineers), we are offering certification support in the field of the Auxiliary Power Units, Aircraft Engines and Small Aircraft (CS-APU, CS-E and CS-23 regulations).

We can provide you full support including the elaboration of all necessary documents required in the frame of the EASA certification process – Certification programs, Test plans, Certification Reports and their verification.

We can provide you also a guidance concerning the means, methods of compliance, requirements for the DOA establishment, certification feasibility studies. We can also assist you during your negotiations with the EASA.

The certification support can include authoring and technical writing of operating and maintenance documentation (Airplane flight manual, Maintenance, Installation Manuals) according to the regulation requirements CS/FAR 23 and the GAMA, ATA standards.