Basic Features:

  • High-speed diesel-cycle engine in the 50 kW power class intended for tactical UAV and small GA aircraft allowing the use of both jet and diesel fuel
  • Turbocharging and intercooler for assuring engine performance in the required altitude and temperature envelope
  • Reduction gearbox with the option to adapt the gear-ratio according to the particular installation requirements in the range of 2300 to 4000 RPM
  • Fuel system composed of separate fuel injectors and a mechanical fuel pump
  • Fuel injection control electromechanically operated by ECU with a mechanical backup
  • Cooling provided by air/oil cooling system assuring high engine reliability and simplified installation
  • Effective torsional friction damping system incorporated into the gearbox
  • Engine mount system comprising special elastomeric mounts for isolation and protection from vibration and shocks caused by engine operation, transmitted to the airframe

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